Safety and Security Options

CSC is firmly committed to delivering the strongest, safest, most secure container solutions on the market. These features can be added to our standard bins or incorporated into your custom designs. To that end, we offer the following custom safety and security options:


This strong steel open box is affixed over the bin’s locking mechanism as a tamper proofing device. It prohibits bolt cutters and similar items from penetrating the box, thus keeping the contents secure for customers and end users.


Chute Divider

This metal divider essentially splits the interior of the bin down the middle to impede any person or large animal from entering the compartment.



This mechanism operates at the opening of the bin where clothing is dropped; it rotates to push the clothes into the bin and prevents anyone from falling in or reaching into the bin to remove items.


Master Lock Hidden Shackle Padlock Hasp

This new feature provides industry-leading security for CSC’s collection bins. Like the lockbox, the innovative Master Lock Hidden Shackle Padlock Hasp prevents the use of bolt cutters, so thieves are no longer able to vandalize and steal from the bins.  Used in conjunction with the Lockbox, the Master Lock Hidden Shackle Padlock Hasp ensures a totally secure clothing collection bin, keeping contents safe and protected for our customers and the end users of the donations.