CSC’s standard bins are fabricated from 16 gauge galvanized stainless steel and equipped with reinforced steel doors. We use fusion bonded epoxy (FBE), with a powder coating at 5 mils. This is four times heavier than our competitors’ models. Additionally, our FBE is ten times thicker than spray coat. These materials and processes guarantee that our products are the most durable and reliable in the market.

CSC has placed bins outdoors, exposed to the elements for over 3 years that still show no signs of wear and tear--they continue to retain their shiny, new appearance. This is crucial, because bins that stay pristine are highly valued. Bin degradation causes problems for customers--often municipalities--who receive complaints from residents about blight. The customers are then forced to replace bins at significant additional cost.

Our quality standards are high because we demand it. Quality doesn’t just happen, it requires constant, deliberate, focused vigilance, and that is what CSC promises, each and every day.