Paul Curry
Sales Manager

A lifelong entrepreneur, Paul has created numerous successful businesses. both for himself and for others as a franchise consultant. He established Curry Copy Centers of America, which grew to 220 locations. He also launched over 20 Steve’s Ice Cream locations, and grew the Shoes by Lara franchise to 116 stores. His resume covers consultancy on over 160 successful businesses, and he was instrumental in the creation of DSW Shoe Warehouse, opening the first 45 stores nationwide.

Paul has always had an interest in recycling, so this was a natural “next step” for him. He approached SIGMA OEM with the clothing recycle bin concept based on their ability to bring superior products to market and maintain a just-in-time inventory program. His expertise and innovation have enabled him to package the recycle bin business in such a way that allows customers to finance their bins for a nominal monthly fee and generate instant income with the proceeds.

Paul can be reach at or 617-483-2317