CSC launched in 2018 as an outgrowth of SIGMA OEM.

SIGMA OEM entered the clothing recycle bin market, in 2016, when a customer requested reverse engineering on an existing model. SIGMA OEM worked with the prototype, and was able to reverse engineer and improve the design to such an extent that the customer placed a large order. Since then, that same customer has continued to source their bins from SIGMA OEM. The clothing recycle bin business quickly expanded to supply major players in the sector, such as Goodwill, the Salvation Army, Bay State, and numerous other organizations.


"Our customers are our partners. Their satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Paul Curry, Sales Manager

SIGMA OEM’s 32-year history in sourcing, procurement, and manufacturing provided an established infrastructure on which to base the container arm of the business. As demand grew, it became clear that the division warranted its own free-standing company, and CSC was born.

CSC provides the same quality, efficiency, and service that define SIGMA OEM.

With access to SIGMA OEM’s significant global footprint, CSC can source materials and facilitate logistics efficiently. This affords CSC customers scalable solutions with flexible, advantageous terms. 

As proud members of SMART (Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles), the professional association for the industry, CSC is committed to upholding the most rigorous standards of quality and service in todays’s market. We embrace SMART’s code of conduct, and strictly comply with their policies on environmental responsibility, integrity, respect, diversity, transparency, and national and international laws.