CSC Turnstile Bin: New Safety and Security Feature


CSC has developed a new safety feature option in our clothing collection bins. As an industry leader, CSC remains vigilant to the changing needs of the market and our customers, and is always evaluating and upgrading our products.

With recent reports of thieves climbing into bins—both ours and our competitors’—it became clear that additional safety and security features were needed. This was to protect the donations deposited in the bins as well as to prevent injury to the individuals intent on misconduct.

We turned to our engineering team, who came up with a turnstile bin to address the problem.

The design enables easy and convenient access for the depositing of clothing, as the turnstile rolls over and lands the clothing in the bin. But it simultaneously restricts access for anything larger than the clothing bundle by blocking the main compartment of the bin with each revolution of the mechanism.

The innovation has been well received by customers. One major operator commented, “I had video of my bins being robbed. I sent it to CSC and they came up with this solution. We anticipate a major improvement in security with this new feature.”

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