New Product Spotlight: Cart


CSC’s new carts add convenience, efficiency, time, and cost savings to clothing recycle business owners with operations of all shapes and sizes.

In our ongoing effort to anticipate and meet the needs of our customers, CSC identified a significant value point, which prompted us to develop this new cart. Previously, clothing recycle professionals were forced to empty bins by hand. This meant that when the bins were opened for collection, the donations would spill out onto the floor, risking damage and dirt, and forcing the collector to bend down repeatedly to pick up the large amount of clothing. Now, operators can place the 14 cubic foot carts inside the collection bins ahead of time. When the bins are filled, the operators simply open the bin, place the cart on a ramp, and roll it out for emptying.

CSC carts are all equipped with ergonomic, spring-loaded platforms, which enable the bottom of the cart to rise automatically as it is emptied. This avoids the inconvenience and discomfort of having to lean over into the cart to collect the items.

Many operators are now considering the purchase of two carts per clothing recycling bin. This enables them to swap out the empty bin for the full bin during collection, producing significant time and labor cost savings. There is also a cost savings associated with shipping; by purchasing the cart with the bin, customers are able to have the cart packed inside the bin; this saves on freight costs.

The standard cart features include:

  • Made from rotationally molded, waterproof, chemical-resistant polyethylene.
  • Durable, with .225” wall thickness.
  • Rounded, roll-top safety rim.
  • Galvanized metal base.
  • Hard rubber, non-marking 3-inch caster.

The following optional features are also offered:

  • Rugged, plastic, removable, spring-loaded platform.
  • Permanent, molded-in logos, graphics, and tracking information.
  • Custom caster sizes, materials, and configurations
  • Choice of wall thickness .125”-.300”.

To learn more about CSC carts and other container products, please contact Paul Curry