Customer Spotlight: Butch Davenport, Brook Valley Management

Butch Davenport, Vice President of Brook Valley Management in Birmingham, Alabama, has a lot to say about clothing collection bins. As a respected operator in the clothing collection industry, Brook Valley has been family-run for 30 years. They service the Southern US, with locations from Texas to Florida.

When asked about what he looks for in a bin, Butch is clear: “Quality. Sturdiness. Non-corrosive properties. We need our bins to withstand the elements—our territories see a lot of rain and humidity, especially in Florida, so the anti-rust features are crucial.”

CSC’s powder coated paint has successfully addressed the corrosion concern. Butch continues, “We have been very satisfied with CSC’s coating; it lasts and maintains its appearance for a long time.”

Security is another key requirement. Butch explains: “The anti–theft chute, commonly called the ‘mailbox-chute’, protects the donations so that they can be delivered to their intended recipients in good condition.”

Finally, Butch sums up what he looks for in a vendor:
“We need a supplier that is reliable, that delivers a good, consistent product at a reasonable price, while providing efficient service. CSC is a great vendor. The fact that they have a nationwide network of warehouses is unique in this industry; this affords a more efficient delivery of product, and that is of value to us. We have been very happy with Paul Curry, Sr. and the CSC service team and with their product.”

CSC thanks Butch and Brook Valley Management for their loyalty, and looks forward to serving them for their next 30 years and beyond!