Welcome to the Launch of CSC News!


CSC News will provide you with the latest from CSC, Container Solutions Company. We will feature new products and innovations, case studies, business and industry insights, customer profiles, and technical and logistical news from our experienced team of professionals. 

But first, a little background on us…

CSC officially launched at the 2018 SMART Convention in Miami, Florida. We initially entered the container market in 2016, when a customer presented our parent company, SIGMA OEM, with an existing model that needed engineering and technical upgrading. The SIGMA OEM team worked with the prototype, and was able to reverse engineer and improve the design to such an extent that the customer placed a large order, and has continued to source from us regularly. The clothing recycle bin business quickly expanded to supply major players, such as Goodwill, the Salvation Army, Bay State, Puerto Rico Textile and Brook Valley.

As the business expanded, it was clear that the container division warranted its own company, and CSC was born.

We are now a free-standing subsidiary of SIGMA.

With access to SIGMA OEM’s significant global footprint, CSC can source materials and facilitate logistics efficiently. This affords CSC customers scalable solutions with flexible, advantageous terms. Our established infrastructure means that customers benefit from excellent supplier relations, reliable logistics, and hands-on oversight. Our supplier relationships are based on trust and respect earned over three productive decades. We know the people, the policies, and the protocols. We offer solutions that enable our customers to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

CSC mitigates risk for customers by taking the worry out of international sourcing.  We provide door-to-door logistics and turnkey solutions, handling every step in the process including customs, shipping, ports, duties, and currency. Our quality roots run deep, with over 32 years of industry leading protocols. As a US Company with a stellar record of excellence in manufacturing and technology, our service is backed by Terms of Sale that are conducive to US business structures and enforceable by US contracts.

As proud members of SMART, CSC is committed to upholding the most rigorous standards of quality and service in today’s market. We embrace SMART’s code of conduct, and strictly comply with their policies on environmental responsibility, integrity, respect, diversity, transparency, and national and international laws.

For more information about CSC, please contact us!