CSC Delivers Clothing Bins, Quality, and Peace of Mind


When Bay State Textiles, Inc., needed a new supplier to manufacture hundreds of new clothing recycle bins, they contacted CSC. They required a partner who could provide design specification, structural durability, a lasting paint job, user-friendly packaging, reasonable cost, reliable logistics, and timely delivery. CSC was able to meet these needs by working collaboratively with the Bay State Team.

To begin, Bay State presented the CSC design team with specifications. CSC Engineers created a prototype, which the Bay State team tweaked slightly. Bay State’s CEO describes this phase of the project: “The CSC designers were very receptive to my input. They were willing to listen, and that made a difference.” The adjustments were made, and they then began working toward structural durability and a long lasting paint job.

CSC chose galvanized steel for the bin material to ensure strength, and they used an innovative powder coating process to maintain the paint sheen and color. The galvanized steel material selection and powder coating protocol made the bins particularly durable and long lasting. Because the bins are placed outside for years in the wind, rain, and salt air, it is crucial that they show no signs of wear and tear–the CSC materials and manufacturing process ensure that they will still look shiny and new for many years. In this industry, bins that maintain their appearance and integrity are highly valued. The CEO of Bay State adds, “Municipalities, our main customers, place a premium on bins that retain their appearance, because if they break down, residents complain about blight, and we have to provide replacements. CSC’s bins are very durable, and this is essential to customer satisfaction and our cost.”

Packaging was another key consideration. CSC’s packaging configuration saved Bay State Textile and Puerto Rico Textile Recycling significant time. Their previous suppliers packaged the bins in such a way that workers required six hours to unload each container. CSC’s team packaged the material in a manner that enabled the work to be done in two hours. Time is money, so that was of great benefit to the customer. The packaging arrangement also contributed to efficient spot checks.  Bay State was able to confirm accurately and quickly that all components were in the crates–this was crucial for their assembly and quality assurance.

CSC delivered the products on time and within budget. The Bay State CEO added:  “It was seamless. That peace of mind is priceless. What we look for in a supplier is reliability, because this can be risky if you don’t know the factories and you don’t have any leverage. CSC’s overseas infrastructure makes them a partner I can count on, and I don’t really have to assume any risk. Their stateside headquarters means I can call them any time and they will resolve any issue that arises.”

Bay State and Puerto Rico Textile recently placed an order for 500 additional units. For information on this or other CSC products and services, please contact