CSC Containers Offer New Safety and Security Features


CSC is firmly committed to delivering the strongest, safest, most secure container solutions on the market. Because the items collected in the bins are of value to our customers, it is crucial that the material be protected from theft and vandalism. Whether the clothing is donated to people in need or sold to generate revenue for the bin owners, the contents must be secure.

CSC takes that seriously. Paul Curry, Sales Manager, emphasizes the point:  

“We deliver a high performance product, period. If our bins were to fail, then we fail. If our product does not do the job, then our customer loses. That is simply unacceptable and not the way CSC does business.”

Our standard clothing recycle bins undergo stringent quality assurance protocols to ensure that they meet our high standards for safety and quality.

In response to customer demand, we have recently begun offering a set of safety and security options available as a special order.

These new features include:

Shackle Padlock Hasp

This strong steel padlock functions as a tamper-proofing device. The hasp is made from boron, a very strong metal and the hidden shackle padlock hasp prevents forcible attacks on the bin. The design of the component, with metal shields around the lock, prevents bolt cutters from getting at the lock. And the lock itself is quite small, which also makes it impossible to access.

Lock Box

This steel box covers the lock to ensure that the mechanism is protected to ensure the safety and security of the contents and prevent tampering with the lock.

Both the lock box and the shackle padlock hasp can be sold separately and affixed to existing bins.

Chute Divider

This metal divider essentially splits the interior of the bin down the middle to impede any person or large animal from entering the compartment.


This mechanism operates at the opening of the bin where clothing is dropped; it rotates to push the clothes into the bin and prevents anyone from falling in or reaching into the bin to remove items.

Our parent company, SIGMA OEM, has become synonymous with quality in the industry, and CSC maintains this industry-leading standard with all of our products.

At CSC, we believe that quality does not cost, it pays.

To learn more about CSC’s products and services, please contact: Paul Curry